Virtual Pet Slave Girl Game II

(De Luxe)

by iQuoom

(English Language Revision By DIWebWych)

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General Information About Original Game

This game is intended as parody of children´s virtual pet games, specifically the old Tamagotchi game. This is a second version of Virtual Pet Slave Girl Game by iQuoom.

Tamagotchi was an idiotic game and demonstrated the decay of "homo technological", creating a handheld digital pet in 1996 by Aki Maita and sold by the company Bandai. The Tamagotchi was housed in a small and simple egg-shaped computer. Three buttons allowed the user to select and perform activities. These included:

- Feeding the ped food or snacks -

- Playing with the pet -

- Cleaning up after the Tamagotchi -

- Checking the pet´s age, discipline, hunger and happiness levels -

Tamagotchis were one of the biggest fads of the late 1990s. As of January 2007 there were 31 different versions of the Tamagotchi digital pet in distribution, including the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 released in the United States.


Informations About Virtual Slave Girl

In this alternative parody version of digital pet games - intended exclusively for BDSM adults - the pet is a Slave Girl. The objective of the present game consists of increasing the slave girl's resistance to pain, humiliation and suffering, and increasing her lust! Push her to the limits!!

Turn Sound to ON For Full Enjoyument of Sound Effects. Ambient Dungeon Soundtrack Music Is "Song2" By Blur.


Controls For Virtual Slave Girl

NEW: To start a new game.

LOAD: To load a previus saved game.

SAVE: To save a current game.

HELP: To view these instructions.

ABOUT: To view the version information of this program.

EXIT: To exit the current game.



Slave Girl Levels

HUNGER: Feeds the slave to reduce hunger to zero.

HUMILIATION: Her current level of humiliation.

PAIN: Her current threshold for pain. When her pain threshold enters the danger zone, her Pain meter turns yellow. If her pain is not lowered, the meter goes to red and is accompanied by a sound alert, similar to a Security Signal in an "adult playground". Red Alert Warning: Reduce pain or you might lose your slave girl!

LUST: Current level of pleasure and sexual appetite. Intense pain and lust will increase the slave girl's pain limit.

PAIN LIMIT: The objective of the game is increase the Pain Limit. To Win, increase Pain Limit to 12.000 points and keeping great level of Lust.



Others Controls

ANAL PLUG ON & OFF: To enjoy your slave's Pain and Humiliation. Use the "X" button to remove anal plug.

BREASTS CLAMPS / VAGINAL LABIA WEIGHT: To enjoy your slave's Pain and Humiliation. Use the X button to remove breast clamps and weights.

CHOOSE: Select punishments, among others, the following ones: BATH

USE TOILET: Allow your slave to use the bathroom and increase her

FEED: Feed your slave and reduce her Hunger level.

PARTY HUMILIATE: Put your slave girl in a restraits party, to increase her Pain and Humiliation levels.

WHIP: Enjoy whipping your slave girl and increase her Pain quickly.

AUTO: Check this to turn on automatic repeats of the selected punishment.



Additional Comments

By the way, all the contents of this game are fantasy based. We do not condone the placement of girls in real danger situations. If you do not understand or accept that this is a fantasy based game, please uninstall this program. If you are unable to separate fantasy from reality, you should seek urgent psychiatric help.

Moreover, we do not wish to expose young people to these adult images until they are of age within their legal country of residence and able to choose their own sexual references. Access of this game by people under the age of 18 years of age is not permitted.


For The Sadists & Adult BDSM People

For they who understand, this game can be veyr funny. Be wary of the limits of your Virtual Slave Girl - enjoy her carefully or you will lose her!

Best Regards,